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Best skiresort app!

Best app I have ever seen by ski resorts!

Needs dire updates

Once an innovative app, epic mix hasnt had meaningful updates in years. Sports an outdated UI, a very slow data refresh, and no new features. Skiers and boarders have well moved on to Trace and other great apps. Hope epic mix makes a triumphant return.


The idea of this app is awesome, but the implementation is horrible. So slow its unusable--1996 AOL is faster than this thing. Get it together Vail.

Absolutely the worst

When you have a company with a market cap of 5 billion dollars roll out an app to help justify $140 lift tickets you really do expect some amazing results. I downloaded this app with grandeur visions of using it like Strava as a active outdoor lifestyle social networking platform. And then I tried to use it... It is so incredibly slow and buggy that it is literally unusable. I used 5% of my battery life last night trying to figure out if my buddy went skiing that day, and I never actually figured it out. I probably have 100 apps on my phone and this is far and away the slowest and worst app I have. I like the idea of the epic mix stats, and I find it useful to measure my ski day and my friends so I have resorted to using the actual website through my iPad and iPhones safari browser. The webpage doesnt work that well on my iPhone 6 but its far and away better than the app. Vail, this app is terrible. Please fix it because the basic premise is good. I am hitting send in this review and then deleting the app.

2015 bad review this season

Beaver creek gondola is not recording lift rides & im missing a day of Vertical Feet. I personally care about how much vert I due & compete with friends. Not this year.


Love this app, but it is still soooooooooo slow. It is so slow that I dont even like to use it anymore, I just wait until I get home and check everything on my computer. Please fix how how long it takes to do anything.

Great app!! But needs friends support!!

I love the app. Full of features that work very. No complaints other than I am unable to add friends that dont have Facebook. Also unable to add them if they do have Facebook. Please add support for friends with email addresses or phone number maybe?! Thanks!

Almost there

Needs two things. 1. Higher resolution map (for Park City at least). You cant read the names of many runs even at max zoom. 2. Add friends and family on app. This is fundamentally a mobile app. Why do I have to log on to a computer and go to a website to do this? Especially when the website forces mobile browsers to use the mobile website with no way to force the full site to load. Fail on that one. Some good ideas, but not quite there yet.

Horrible and only getting worse

So slow, barely works, always shows error "Unable to connect to network." App used to work when I first got it but this season it has become useless. I cant connect with friends anymore either because the sharing settings got more complicated (it tells me I need to change to a certain setting, but its already set to that setting. Frustrating.) Hate this app and might just delete it.


Terrible!! Once youre able to log in (good luck with this as there always seems to be login issues), the app never connects. This app has trouble connecting to the server even when Im on LTE or my home network. Useless.

Horrible this year

First of all Im a fan of the epic mix concept, and love using it to compare stats with my friends. However this years version is terrible. Doesnt give pins when you do a series of runs for that specific reason: I.e riding chairs 1-6 in order to get a pin. Nothing. Missed my whole day in beaver creek but somehow it picked up my epic mix photo. Rode high line and sourdough to get a pin today and nothing. To add injury to insult the app is slow as a week in jail loading now. Get it working right or get rid of it.

Login fails

Fix this app! Login fails.

Icons stacking

Occasionally when moving icons around in the grid view, two of the icons will stack leaving an empty space. If you try to move one of the two stacked icons back to the empty slot, the app crashes. It took the app crashing about ten times before it finally reverted.

No Current info

The info on the app is not kept up to date. Sometimes it says lifts are open when they are actually closed. It is very frustrating receiving misleading information.

Good idea but needs improvement

This is a good idea but many of the features dont work like advertised. When sharing achievements or photos by email there is no way to send the email or cancel it. Also the app claims to tell the wait length of the lifts but it doesnt work for all of the resorts. If this is fixed it would be a great app!

Needs Serious Improvement

Great concept behind the app but the functionality is terrible. The app is extremely slow and barely loads anything. Dont bother downloading. This app is way behind the times and is in need of some serious updates. For as many people as use the epic passes, you would hope that they could at least bring the app into the 21st century.....Disappointed.

No Stats for the Season!

Fine in previous years, not working for me this year though.

Soooooooo Sloooooooooow

I really like his app and what it does. However, it’s terribly slow. It has nothing to do with connection speed as it’s also slow connected to WiFi. 20 seconds to load the dashboard on WiFi. Lift line status never loads. You guys should consider hiring some big data consultants. This is beyond what those agency hacks can do. It’s not rocket science.

Login doesnt work

The login doesnt work. This is unacceptable. Please make it so all you need is the ticket number and personal information is optional. Thanks.

Very Slow

This app is very slow and is very unorganized. This app is useful.

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